Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beach House Life

Beach House Life

     After Christmas, Ben and I moved into his parents beach house in Carolina Beach, NC.  Our lease was up on our apartment in Charleston so in order to save money before the wedding we picked up our lives and relocated here.  I quit my job as a nanny and Ben transferred from the Mount Pleasant CVS Pharmacy to the Carolina Beach CVS.  I have saved up for the next few months so that I can spend some time working on wedding planning, and figuring out what our next step in life will be.  
One of our daily beach walks.
     The beach house was just built a few years ago and has been used since as his family's vacation home.  We are living in one bedroom and leaving everything else untouched so that his family can still come and go as they please without all of our mass amounts of stuff intruding on their vacation time.  We are enjoying being three blocks back from the beach and our daily walks to check out the waves.  Also, we are enjoying the lack of traffic and Mount Pleasant traffic cones covering the streets.  The beach is pretty deserted in the winter as well as many of the local hangouts so it offers a peaceful place to live in the off season.  
     Ben and I have quickly had to figure out what to do with such a large space to take care of and to live in.  Before living here, Ben and I shared our one bedroom apartment and now we are responsible for a four bedroom, three story home.  While we are not responsible for all of the aspects of owning a home, this has been a good test run for when we do.  We have had to figure out everything from having the pavement in the driveway poured, getting cable hooked up, putting up a mailbox, and the daunting task of finding a place for all of my coupon stockpile.
The other driveway is almost done!
     This has been a big week for us so far.  Yesterday we purchased a mailbox, which Ben will be putting together later today.  Today the cable company is here to install all of the cable and internet boxes and I couldn't be more excited! Although, I have enjoyed our time without cable because it has allowed us ample time to clean and get organized, I sure am excited to be able to watch E! News and all of the terrible TLC shows again! Hopefully by the time I am finished with this post we will have internet and will no longer have to use the neighbor's strangely named network "SpaceshipsoverCarolinaBeach"....
     Today, we contacted the post office about how to go about putting up our mailbox and I received a personnel call back from our Post Man telling me who he was and where to put it.  I have certainly enjoyed the benefits of living in a small town and dealing with such friendly people.  Our mailman personally called me today to let me know where to put our mailbox, it was so nice.  We would love to receive mail as soon as Ben puts together the new mailbox.  Let me know if you would like our new address so we can get some mail!
Eating locally on New Years Eve at Havanas
     Many people would find it surprising and funny, but I have actually been cooking meals for Ben and I.  He really enjoys when I cook Mexican food now that I have learned from Maria, a friend and former coworker of the family I worked for.  My specialty is pico de galo and homemade corn and flour tortillas.  I have been really trying to come up with meals that utilize our coupon stockpile.  Tonights menu includes a salad with olives and croutons and a pasta bake with red sauce and cheese.  I will post any fun new coupon recipes I come up with.  While not having cable has encouraged me to work on wedding plans, I fully intend on catching up with my favorite E! and TLC shows tonight.

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