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Embroidery Machine Adventures

Embroidery Machine Adventures

My adorable pink Embroidery Machine!
This year for my birthday I received a wonderful present from my parents! They picked out a Brother PE-500 Personal Embroidery System for me and I have been playing around with it since we arrived at the beach house.  The machine itself is very easy to use and looks cute while doing everything as well. The pink design and the fun touch screen are definitely highlights of its appearance, but the real question is, does it work? Answer: Yes!! If you have ever threaded a regular sewing machine and used a Brothers bobbin winder then this machine will seem super easy to use.  I am in love with everything it can do and can't wait to buy software for the computer so that I can do even more designs and fancier monograms.  I practiced on a towel with my initials several times before I made something for someone else, but I think I finally have the hang of it.
Practice Towel
I started out on towels since I practiced on them, and I quickly was able to turn out a large amount of monogrammed towels that looks nice, especially when tied with a ribbon and rolled.  These will make perfect gifts.  The hardest part of doing the towels is getting the hoop centered and getting it to keep the towel tight.  Be warned this step could break a few nails, but it is so worth it because they end up looking so nice! So the final results of some of the monogrammed towels are shown here:

After perfecting the monograms, I decided to try some bridal words for myself and my friends that are also getting married soon.  For this, I tried it on towels and pillowcases.  I love doing these because I think it takes something that would be regarded as plain or utilitarian and makes it decorative as well as fun to use.  The pillowcases were a gift for our friends Sam and Mason for their couples shower last weekend, and I think they will really enjoy using them.  Ben and I are excited about using the white his and hers towels on our honeymoon! I realized that the machine does punctuation marks so I would love to try doing some Mr. and Mrs. items as well.
  Examples of these below:
His and Hers Pillowcases, would be so cute for the honeymoon!
His and Hers towels, would also be fun on the honeymoon!
One of my favorite projects so far was my bride towel I did for myself.  I used hot pink thread on a white towel and embroidered "Bride".  I thought this would be cute to use at the hotel while I was getting ready for the wedding.  The word "Groom" fits in the same size print so I would love to see these done as a set at some point for some of our engaged friends.
My Bride Towel:
So those are all of my embroidery projects so far.  I tried a fleece blanket as well but it was sent off as a gift so I forgot to take pictures.  I will be trying to put a team name on a blanket tonight and will post pics if it turns out well too.  I am really enjoying using the machine and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try their hand at machine embroidery!
So much fun working on this tonight with my lovely friend Cameron! I think her blanket turned out really cute and will be super fun to have at swim meets!

UNCW Swim and Dive tied fleece blanket.

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