Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Card Holder

Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Card Holder

Card holder before
     I purchased a white card holder at the thrift store for $2.51.  The cage was covered in fake purple and pink flowers and ribbon.  I cut all of the decorations off the cage and pulled the rest of the hinge off that was coming undone.  After searching the craft stores, I picked up some white wire to fix the hinge so that the top stays on when it is opened.  I used the Lilly Print "M" that I painted last week to decorate the front of the cage.  I hot glued ribbon to the back of the "M" then hung it on the cage and glued the other ends down.  After that, I put the pink and green ribbon on top in a bow and voila, my Lilly Print Wedding Card Holder was complete! Hope everyone likes it as much as I do! Less than 50 days until we get to use it at our wedding!

Card Holder with matching guest book and canvas
After adding my own touches!

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