Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Bridal Shower

My Bridal Shower
     Hey everyone! What a day I had yesterday! Ben and I are in Charleston at the moment for my Bridal Shower weekend.  We are having a wonderful time staying at the Springhill Suites by Marriott.  The view of Charleston and the Holiday Inn Riverview where we had the shower is amazing!  My shower was thrown by Ben's Aunt Holly and his two cousins Laura and Erin.  I spent last week planning for this weekend, making favors (more on that to come), dress shopping, and trying to diet a bit before we got here.  Everything was well worth it because the shower was so much fun!
     We arrived early to enjoy the view and see to any final touches.  The Holiday Inn staff had done a great job with the food and tables, everything looked great!  Guests started arriving a little before twelve and everyone enjoyed Mimosas from the nice bartender.  We ended up with over twenty guests! After everyone arrived we started getting plates and enjoying all of the fun finger foods.  Everything felt like a grown up tea party, complete with tea sandwiches, deviled eggs, and a unique cheese pineapple display.  After enjoying all the goodies, we had one of the hot pink iced cupcakes Holly had picked out.  They were displayed on an adorable cupcake stand and had faux diamond rings in them.  I think my flower girl enjoyed the cupcakes more than anyone, she had a pink mouth the rest of the day!
     After finishing the food, and several mimosas later, it was time for me to start opening gifts.  My favorite part of the shower was letting my flower girl who is three, help open all of the gifts.  Might have to start a new Pinterest trend because this was adorable! I recommend more brides do this, especially if you want a distraction from everyone staring at you.  I received so many lovely gifts from everyone, including more of our everyday china, silverware, bedding, and wine glasses.  Now we just need a house to put it all in!  
     As everyone was leaving, my Mom made sure they received one of the favors Ben and I made last week.  We used our shell chocolate mold and made pink and white seashells chocolates.  After they were done, I put them in cellophane bags and tied them with a ribbon and a fake diamond ring.  Finish it all up with a cute pink basket and I had an awesome shower favor that everyone seemed excited about and I am told the chocolate taste good too.  I should know, considering how much Ben and I sampled while making them! So that was my Bridal Shower, and now Ben and I will be returning to Carolina Beach today to continue with more wedding plans! I had a great time seeing everyone yesterday! Thanks to all who came, and we missed those that couldn't!

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