Thursday, January 17, 2013

Painting Lilly Print Wedding Decorations

Painting Lilly Print Wedding Decorations

     Today I am starting one of many of my wedding projects! I am going to attempt to paint three canvases with Ben and I's couple initial to display at the wedding, an "M" to hang on our card cage, and our white guest book.  I am using the Lilly Pulitzer Mayflower print as my reference since it matches our lovely invitations that my creative friend Kim designed for us.  Depending on which item the print is on the colors look very different so I will be using pink and green shades from somewhere in between.

     After looking at several other blogs on how to paint Lilly print, I am ready to get started.  While I haven't found any that do the specific print I like, I think I have a better general idea as far as how to go about doing any of their prints.  I will be using acrylic paints and paint pens for this project.  All of my surfaces were white to begin with except the wooden "M" which was brown and will need a white base coat.  First I will do rough outlines and color blocking of the lighter pink shade on everything.  It's important that I paint all five objects at the same time so that the colors are all matching.  This is what everything looks like after the first coat of light pink paint.

     The next step will be to start adding the hot pink color on top of the shapes and then blocking it in even more with fine details using the paint pen.  I realized I don't have the right shade of hot pink paint or the right shade of green so off to the craft store I go.  The second step I used a slightly brighter shade of pink and edged the shapes.

     After finishing with both of the lighter pinks, the next step was to add the bits of green shown in the pattern.  For the canvases, I did an average of nine green spots so it felt balanced, and with the guest book and letter just put them where I felt they were needed.


      The final step was to fill in any spaces around the shapes with the hot pink and outline all shapes and edges with the same hot pink to pull the whole piece together.  This is the most time consuming step because I left a fine white border around all of the shapes to make them pop.  Here are the final results! I still have two more canvases to finish and will photograph them again once all three are complete.

I can't wait to use all of these fun painted projects at our wedding! Maybe once our wedding is over, I can start custom making painted projects and selling them on Etsy! Who knows where I can go from here, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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