Monday, March 4, 2013

Glass Etching

Glass Etching
     So Ben and I have been very busy preparing for the wedding and this includes many projects to make our wedding day extra special for everyone.  Last weekend, Ben and I worked on etching some glasses for gifts and they turned out great! I will take you through the process we did and the products we used! 
Glasses or any other glass item you want to etch on (Might not work on Pyrex)
Armour Etch Cream (Available on Amazon)
Small paint brushes
Etching stencils that peel on and off and can be reused
Mask from the drug store so you don't breath any chemicals
Gloves so it doesn't burn your hands

The first step was taking any labels, stickers or residue off the glasses. We also ran them all in the dishwasher so they were squeaky clean. After deciding what each glass would say, we started sticking the letters on. We laid the glasses on their side while putting the stickers on so we could line them up better. It also helps if you do this over a solid colored surface so its easier to make sure the word is straight.

The next step was to paint the letters with the etching cream. At this point, we put our masks and gloves on so that it didn't touch our skin.  We also did this over newspaper to prevent anything from damaging our work surface. When painting the stencils, put enough cream on so that you can't see the stencil underneath, but not so much that it runs down the side of the glass. Let the cream sit on the glass for one minute before you go to rinse it.

Rinse the glass off in the sink until there is no more residue from the etching cream.  This could take a minute or so to get all of the etching cream off.  Rotate the glass while you rinse it so it all washes off evenly. At this point you can peel off the letters and dry the glass off. Gently dry the letters so you are ready to stick them on the next project, they can be reused many times.

Voila! You have a beautiful DIY etched glass that you can make for yourself or your friends. These would make great groomsmen, bridesmaid, teacher, birthday, or Christmas gifts! Have fun! Happy crafting!

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