Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pearl Monogrammed Blanket

Pearl Monogrammed Blanket

Its our two month wedding anniversary today and I realized I never posted on one of my favorite wedding crafts I did.  For our exit from the reception, we rode in a horse drawn carriage.  While sometimes in March its warm in Charleston, that night it was chilly so I customized a blanket for our hour long carriage ride after the wedding.  I used a blue blanket I purchased at Target then added the monogram.

Materials Needed:

Blanket of Choice (solid colors will make the monogram stand out)
Three sizes of imitation pearl beads from a craft store (1 bag of large, 1 bag medium, 2 bags small)
White embroidery thread (3 strands)
White Felt Scrap

I started by cutting the letter out of white felt then used a blanket stitch to put the felt on.  I put it in the corner so that when it was folded it could be displayed.  

 I bought the pearl beads at Walmart in the craft section in three different sizes.  I started out by doing the largest beads spread out on the entire "M" then went to the medium and small.  No one would be seeing the backside of my blanket so I didn't worry too much about the stitches on the back being seen.

I filled in all of the spots around the large beads with the two other sizes until the section felt full enough.

The smallest beads took the longest to fill in, I had to go back a second time to buy more.

I love how it turned out! The pearls gave the solid colored blanket the special something I wanted for the carriage ride, and we were nice and warm while touring downtown Charleston.

Fabulous Felt Food

Fabulous Felt Food

     So lately it seems like all of my friends are getting pregnant and I have been pinning tons of baby/kid related crafts.  Some of my favorites were felt food so I decided to give it a try using my felt scraps.  Turns out, felt food is super easy to make, looks adorable, and is durable.  I started out simple with things like eggs and carrots then worked my way up to pastries.  Before I show you some pics, let me list everything you will need if you want to make some for your kids or in my case, nonexistent, somewhere far down the road kids.

Materials Needed:

Felt (without sticky backing)
Poly-Fil Polyester Filling
Embroidery Thread or Friendship Bracelet Floss
Ultra Fine Tip Permanent Marker if you like to trace your designs first

The first thing I do when deciding what to make is lay out all my felt scraps and think about color wise what I can make.  I also consider how long it will take and what thread colors I will need.  Also, I want it to be a food that is easily recognizable to a young child.  Once I have decided on my food, I look to Pinterest and Google for examples already out there then go from there.  Sometimes I will draw out the pieces of paper first to measure and line them up, much like you would do if making geometric shapes for math class.  Then you cut out the paper shapes, pin them to your felt and cut your pieces.  I choose the thread color then get to work.  I use a blanket stitch to attach all of my pieces, which if you don't know how to do this, you can find lots of tutorials online.  Once I have about a half inch left, I start stuffing.  Be careful not to over stuff them because then they will feel too hard and can be dangerous for smaller children depending on who you are making them for.  Once you feel it is stuffed enough, sew the rest of the hole shut and tie off the end.  You can then add any other pieces or embellishments.  

Here are some of my projects!

Bow Tie Pasta

Heart Embellished Cupcake

Sprinkled Donut


Watermelon Slice (So far this has taken the longest)


Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream


Those are my felt food projects so far! I am currently working on a sandwich set and will post pics when I finish. Hope you enjoy these fabulous felt foods as much as I do!

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