Friday, September 13, 2013

Katie's Beach Themed Bridal Shower

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Katie's Beach Themed Bridal Shower

So I am finally posting all of the fun beach themed bridal shower pictures and crafts.  Katie and Blake should be back from their honeymoon by now after their gorgeous wedding last weekend! I had so much fun planning her bridal shower and making all of the fun crafts for it.  We had tons of food, drinks, and played several fun bridal themed activities.

I temporarily took down the Larry, Curly, and Moe portrait from over the fireplace and added my own beach themed decorations.  I made the "Bride to Be" sign and wrapped the vases myself.

We played two games, the first one was a guess the dates game.  Guests were asked to write down when the couple started dating, when they go engaged, and when they think they would have kids.  Whoever was closest won a gift bag with a candle and stationary set.

The other game was a pass the bouquet style game.  I read a story while the guests passed the bouquet when the story said RIGHT or LEFT.  The story referred to the couple as Mr. and Mrs. Right which was super cute since they are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Wright.  The winner was the last with the bouquet and they received the other gift bag with the candle and stationary set.

Ben helped make the dessert for the bridal shower.  He made delicious vanilla cupcakes with a buttercream frosting topped with homemade blue and purple chocolate shells.

We had a ton of finger food and dip for the shower.  Guests enjoyed crab dip, veggies with ranch, apples with caramel, pin wheels, chips and salsa, ambrosia, meatballs, and mini quiche.  I found the tablecloths at Walmart and used the alternating colors folded up to make a table runner.

The door wreath I made with an old wicker shaped wreath I found in the closet, wrapped it in twine, glued the "M" and shells on with tacky glue, and tied the purple ribbon on.  I did an M so that Ben and  I could use it later on.

For the flower arrangements, I used mason jars from Walmart, their brand, because they are smooth on the outside with no logo.  I put tacky glue around the jar where I wanted the twine to go, then held the open end while I wrapped it to my desired thickness.  I let the jar dry for a bit before tacky gluing the seashells on.  The beautiful purple hydrangeas came from my parents neighbor's yard making the total cost for the centerpieces under $10 dollars.

The favors were mini jar candles that I got at Michaels on clearance for 99 cents each.  I peeled all the labels off the jars and wrapped each one the same way I wrapped the mason jars.  The basket was a wicker one I found at my parents house.  I added a ribbon, shell and some tissue paper for display at the shower.

Another activity I had set up was a bag for Katie to take home to use for all her wedding day supplies.  I ordered it on VistaPrint with her name and wedding date.  I asked the guests to write a special note to her on the bag with a paint pen.  I found that a sharpie might have worked better on the canvas than the paint pen did, but it still turned out cute.

I had a great time hosting my first bridal shower and hope everyone is inspired by my beach themed favor and decorations.  I think the bride and her family had a great time celebrating and getting excited for the beautiful wedding.  Hope Katie and Blake have many years of happiness! 

Like this post? Comment for a chance to win one of the Jar Candle Favors pictured!

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