Monday, November 18, 2013

Painted Pumpkins, Halloween to Thanksgiving Transformation

Painted Pumpkins
Halloween to Thanksgiving Transformation
This year, I decided to paint my pumpkins instead of carve them and it has been great. They have lasted the entire season and look great still.  I bought my pumpkins at Whole Foods this year, three for $12.  They have their pumpkins laid out where you can walk through them and browse really well before choosing. 
For the Halloween version of the pumpkins, I used a black paint pen and free handed the designs on them.  The paint pen dried very quickly and didn't smear.  In order to hold the ribbon on to the stems, I used stick pens. I put one in the front and one in the back before tying it. Here's our mantle display for Halloween and the pumpkins.

To transform the pumpkins for Thanksgiving took a little more work than the first round.  I used white acrylic paint, two coats on the circles and chevron print.  After laying it on pretty thick on each side, it had to dry before it could be rotated.  After the white dried completely, I sealed the white paint with glossy Modge Podge to give it a finished look.  I switched out the black ribbon for some fall leaves ribbon I got from the DollarTree.  I used the same push pin technique to keep the ribbon on the stems and voila.  The pumpkins are now ready for our big Thanksgiving feast.  Here's our updated Thanksgiving mantle display.

I think I will start painting our pumpkins every year so they get two months worth of use! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!


Sorority Banner Painting

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Sorority Banner Painting


 Since this summer, I have had the opportunity to make three bed sheet size banners for my lovely Chi Omega sisters. 
This summer, Sister Somers (soon to be Sister Ryals), came and stayed with us for the weekend to work on banners for Fall Sorority Recruitment.  She had the theme and color scheme and I came up with the vision.  For the first banner, she wanted the saying "Pretty In Pink, Perfect In Pearls, Everyone's Wild About Chi O Girls" and everything in pink, black, white, and silver.  We laid down a drop clothe, got our supplies ready, and went to work.  I found that using a colored pencil worked great on the cotton fabric because if you made a mistake, a good scrubbing with a dry wash cloth got it to come off.  The pink paint took two solid coats. The white paint mixed with a little silver for the pearls only took one coat. We also outlined the pearls in silver sparkle puff paint.

For the glitter Chi Omega letters, we painted a silver coat first then glue on top, then dumped silver glitter.  We shook the glitter off before finishing the girls part at the end.  The banner turned out great, and matched the girls outfits too.

For the second banner, we made a Make A Wish logo with a glitter star for the Philanthropy Round of recruitment.  I pulled up an image of the logo, measured each letter carefully, and drew it out in colored pencil.  The white acrylic paint on the blue twin sheet folded in half required two coats.  For the star and swoop, I used gold paint and gold puff paint for the star part.

This banner looked great and helped share the joy of Make A Wish with potential new members during recruitment. Photo of the finished banner to come!
The third banner I made was for the WU Homecoming tailgate.  I found the sheet for $2.99 at Goodwill and bought white and yellow paint.  The chevron border required two to three coats of paint in some spots.  The white only took one coat of paint.  I did this one like the other by starting out with colored pencil and measuring the letters.  The glitter on this banner was done with a glittery acrylic paint instead of loose glitter.  The banner looked great at the alumnae tailgate for Chi Omega.

Fall Burlap Wreath

Fall Burlap Wreath
In preparation for our big Thanksgiving feast, I have been doing lots of crafting and working on our apartment.  I wanted something for the front door that would help welcome everyone and make a statement.  I have seen lots of tutorials online for how to make burlap wreaths and figured I would try it out myself.  If you were to buy one of these wreaths already made they range anywhere from $30-$60 dollars on Amazon or at craft fairs.  One of the tutorials I found most helpful was found off Pinterest here
The supplies needed for this project are super simple and easy to find. I picked up everything I needed at Walmart but you could also find these items at AC Moore or Michaels.
1 roll of burlap ribbon or 1 yard of burlap from Walmart (They only had bulk burlap when I went)
Wreath form, I used the 12 inch wreath form with four wires running the circumference
Hot Glue gun and glue sticks for adding decorative features
Adornments-I used fall flowers I got for $1 marked down at Walmart
Ribbon for hanging
Flat Modge Podge Spray (Optional if hanging outside)
I cut my burlap into strips 5-6 inches wide and one yard long.  I wove them in and out of the wire frame leaving a loop sticking up.  As I wove, I pushed the loops close together to give it the full shape.  I tucked the cut ends into the loops so the straight edges didn't affect the organic look I wanted it to have.  Once I was finished, I cut all the stray pieces of burlap that had frayed.  I turned it over and did the same on the back.  I took it outside at this point and sprayed it with the Modge Podge so that it was weather resistant.
After pulling the fake flowers off the stems, I placed them where I wanted them on the wreath and hot glued them one by one onto the burlap.  After the hot glue had set, I sprayed the fake flowers with the Modge Podge as well.  I tied the ribbon I had picked out to the back onto the wire and nailed the end of the ribbon onto the top of the door.  I love how it turned out and hopefully our guests will love it too.

Night View


Knockoff Williams Sonoma Hurricane Glasses

Knock Off Williams Sonoma Hurricane Glasses

So this year Ben and I will be hosting Thanksgiving in our apartment.  We are inviting his family and mine to join us for the big meal.  In preparation for the big day, I have been crafting and cleaning like crazy.  Two projects that I really enjoyed making were my wreath for the front door, and my hurricane glasses for the mantle.  I found inspiration for the glasses on my new favorite blog 320 * Sycamore.  The post for her knockoff Williams and Sonoma glasses can be found here
For my version of the hurricane glasses, I got the candlestick base and the glass to glue it on at the DollarTree.  They are not selling the really large glasses like she used in her knockoff so I had to buy the candles elsewhere.  I found the candles in white in the right size at Big Lots for $5 dollars each.  I also got fake fall leaves at the DollarTree.  My total for each hurricane glass was around $8.  The glasses at Williams Sonoma ranged from $50-$60.
  If I want to later on, I can add our monogram using the etching cream and steps in my other blog post which can be found here
 Etching Tutorial

For the candle holders, I first removed all stickers from the glasses and candles.  If you have any stubborn labels, you can use a paper towel and nail polish remover, it does the trick.  I then put a good amount of hot glue around the rim of the candlestick.  I stood over the candlestick in order to look down and make sure the other glass was centered on the base.  I pressed down to make sure the hot glue stuck.  I did the same to the candle on each one.

For adding the leaves, I just snipped them off the fake vine they came on and slid them in one by one. I used a long bread knife to gently push them to the bottom.  Once I had the leaves in place, my project was complete.  Here's the final project:

We can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving and to show off all my fun craft projects!

Friday, November 15, 2013

More Monogram Adventures

Monogram Adventures Continued
These first two were gifts for my Mom for her birthday in April.

This is a duffel bag she ordered for me that they sent the wrong monogram on, they sent a new one, but said to keep the one with the typo.  After she seam ripped the old monogram off, I put hers on it.

Found this jack on sale in burgundy and added her monogram in black to make a very stylish Carolina colored jacket.

This towel is for a special little girl whose Mom I work with. She swims for the same club swim team I swam for so it was fun to put the team initials on a towel for her.

This is the close up of a pillowcase I did for her as well. These were one of my favorite items to pick out at swim meets as a child!

Finally, my Mom found this super cute blue rain coat on sale so I decided to personalize it with my own monogram, making it more fun to get dressed to go out in the rain.
These are just a few of the fun projects I have completed! I can't wait to start on projects for the holidays! Let me know if you have any ideas or requests!

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