Monday, November 18, 2013

Knockoff Williams Sonoma Hurricane Glasses

Knock Off Williams Sonoma Hurricane Glasses

So this year Ben and I will be hosting Thanksgiving in our apartment.  We are inviting his family and mine to join us for the big meal.  In preparation for the big day, I have been crafting and cleaning like crazy.  Two projects that I really enjoyed making were my wreath for the front door, and my hurricane glasses for the mantle.  I found inspiration for the glasses on my new favorite blog 320 * Sycamore.  The post for her knockoff Williams and Sonoma glasses can be found here
For my version of the hurricane glasses, I got the candlestick base and the glass to glue it on at the DollarTree.  They are not selling the really large glasses like she used in her knockoff so I had to buy the candles elsewhere.  I found the candles in white in the right size at Big Lots for $5 dollars each.  I also got fake fall leaves at the DollarTree.  My total for each hurricane glass was around $8.  The glasses at Williams Sonoma ranged from $50-$60.
  If I want to later on, I can add our monogram using the etching cream and steps in my other blog post which can be found here
 Etching Tutorial

For the candle holders, I first removed all stickers from the glasses and candles.  If you have any stubborn labels, you can use a paper towel and nail polish remover, it does the trick.  I then put a good amount of hot glue around the rim of the candlestick.  I stood over the candlestick in order to look down and make sure the other glass was centered on the base.  I pressed down to make sure the hot glue stuck.  I did the same to the candle on each one.

For adding the leaves, I just snipped them off the fake vine they came on and slid them in one by one. I used a long bread knife to gently push them to the bottom.  Once I had the leaves in place, my project was complete.  Here's the final project:

We can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving and to show off all my fun craft projects!

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