Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Burlap Wreath

Fall Burlap Wreath
In preparation for our big Thanksgiving feast, I have been doing lots of crafting and working on our apartment.  I wanted something for the front door that would help welcome everyone and make a statement.  I have seen lots of tutorials online for how to make burlap wreaths and figured I would try it out myself.  If you were to buy one of these wreaths already made they range anywhere from $30-$60 dollars on Amazon or at craft fairs.  One of the tutorials I found most helpful was found off Pinterest here
The supplies needed for this project are super simple and easy to find. I picked up everything I needed at Walmart but you could also find these items at AC Moore or Michaels.
1 roll of burlap ribbon or 1 yard of burlap from Walmart (They only had bulk burlap when I went)
Wreath form, I used the 12 inch wreath form with four wires running the circumference
Hot Glue gun and glue sticks for adding decorative features
Adornments-I used fall flowers I got for $1 marked down at Walmart
Ribbon for hanging
Flat Modge Podge Spray (Optional if hanging outside)
I cut my burlap into strips 5-6 inches wide and one yard long.  I wove them in and out of the wire frame leaving a loop sticking up.  As I wove, I pushed the loops close together to give it the full shape.  I tucked the cut ends into the loops so the straight edges didn't affect the organic look I wanted it to have.  Once I was finished, I cut all the stray pieces of burlap that had frayed.  I turned it over and did the same on the back.  I took it outside at this point and sprayed it with the Modge Podge so that it was weather resistant.
After pulling the fake flowers off the stems, I placed them where I wanted them on the wreath and hot glued them one by one onto the burlap.  After the hot glue had set, I sprayed the fake flowers with the Modge Podge as well.  I tied the ribbon I had picked out to the back onto the wire and nailed the end of the ribbon onto the top of the door.  I love how it turned out and hopefully our guests will love it too.

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