Monday, November 18, 2013

Painted Pumpkins, Halloween to Thanksgiving Transformation

Painted Pumpkins
Halloween to Thanksgiving Transformation
This year, I decided to paint my pumpkins instead of carve them and it has been great. They have lasted the entire season and look great still.  I bought my pumpkins at Whole Foods this year, three for $12.  They have their pumpkins laid out where you can walk through them and browse really well before choosing. 
For the Halloween version of the pumpkins, I used a black paint pen and free handed the designs on them.  The paint pen dried very quickly and didn't smear.  In order to hold the ribbon on to the stems, I used stick pens. I put one in the front and one in the back before tying it. Here's our mantle display for Halloween and the pumpkins.

To transform the pumpkins for Thanksgiving took a little more work than the first round.  I used white acrylic paint, two coats on the circles and chevron print.  After laying it on pretty thick on each side, it had to dry before it could be rotated.  After the white dried completely, I sealed the white paint with glossy Modge Podge to give it a finished look.  I switched out the black ribbon for some fall leaves ribbon I got from the DollarTree.  I used the same push pin technique to keep the ribbon on the stems and voila.  The pumpkins are now ready for our big Thanksgiving feast.  Here's our updated Thanksgiving mantle display.

I think I will start painting our pumpkins every year so they get two months worth of use! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!


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