Friday, January 17, 2014

Office Valentine's Day Decorations

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Office Valentine's Day Decorations

So since its officially less than a month until Valentine's Day and the students started class on Wednesday, I felt it was the perfect time to start decorating for the next holiday.  When I say students, I am referring to the cadets at The Citadel where I work as an administrative assistant for the Club and Intramural sports programs. 

While you might not think the students here would be the type to appreciate holiday decorations, they actually really like seeing them up! In a sea of gray and monochrome buidlings, I think they appreciate my colorful touches.  The bowl of candy we have out all the time doesn't hurt either!  Working in a college office is not quite the same as working at a summer camp in that the supplies for craft projects are limited.  Have you ever seen one of those Project Runway episodes where they are let loose in a grocery store or some other strange establishment and asked to use whatever they can find to make an outfit? Well that's what it feels like here.  As a recycled art lover, I love the challenge!

The first project I completed was a sign for the front door and a sign to tape to our counter at what is referred to as the "Happy Station".  I made the cute bulldog cupid sign in Photoshop and then with the black and white print out colored sections with marker to add a bit of fun.  The sign hanging on the door was made with post-it notes, red copy paper, pink copy paper, a piece of cardboard I saved from my new Lilly calendar, and yarn I salvaged from a Santa that was being thrown out.  The final touch was a sign for my divider behind my desk.  I picked up two packs of doilies at the good ole' DollarTree and used more of the Santa yarn.

The DollarTree had three different sizes of doilies in pink and red, I bought the smallest size they had.  I also used the red ones in my candles I made before Thanksgiving on my mantel, I'll post that in another post later this week.
The first step was to write the letters on each doily with a black Sharpie marker.  For the ends of each word I made one with a heart design, sticking with the festive theme.
Next, I cut the yarn into small pieces to tie each together.  I tied all the words separate so they fit on my wall but you could string several together if you wanted a longer banner.
When I was finished, I taped the end bows to my board and voila, a very festive sign to look at while at work.  Have you made any thrifty Valentine's Day decorations? If so, I would love to hear any suggestions for decorating on the cheap!


  1. You are so crafty--I love what you've done with the place! :) I hope you like your new job!

    1. Thanks! Bringing my artsy touch to the place lol!


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