Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Ornaments from Wedding Day Streamers

Christmas Ornaments from Wedding Day Streamers

In the spring of last year, my Maid of Honor Samantha got married a month after us in April! Their wedding had a purple, green, blue scheme.  For their exit, Samantha made these super fun streamers for the guests to wave around.  They consisted of a dowel, a length of ribbon, and some had bells attached at the top.  They looked great in pictures for their daytime exit so I thought they would be great repurposed into Christmas ornaments for their first tree as a married couple. 


While Samantha and her husband were out in Kentucky cutting down their first live tree together, I was busy crafting a surprise to hang on their tree. 

The supplies I used were:

Ribbon from the streamers cut into two inch strips
Bells from the top of the streamers
Felt for the backing
Tacky Glue
Gold colored embroidery thread for hanging
Something to weight down the strips while drying that can get glue on it
(Spare piece of tile, coaster, book, magazine)

The happy couple at their wedding exit, you can see the streamers waving on the right.

The first step was to cut the felt backing out for the ribbons to be glued on.  I used a royal purple shade of felt that I thought would look nice with all of the colors.  After cutting the ribbon off the wooden dowels, I divided them up between the four pieces of felt and decided how the colors would go.  I then folded each one over, glued the end pieces together, and glued them to the felt.  I started with the bottom row so the top rough edges would be covered by the next row.  The top piece of ribbon was covered by the bell.  After I finished, I put a coaster I had sitting around on top of each tree to dry.  Once all four were dry, I stitched the embroidery thread on for a loop to hang from the tree.  The result was four slightly different ornaments.  They turned out so well I think I might have to make some for our tree next year with the ribbon from our extra programs.

The finished product before I added the embroidery thread, so cute!

Here's what I did with them before wrapping them.  Samantha loved them! You know your craft project was a success when the recipient says they almost cried when they opened it! Hope this inspires everyone to make their own version with anything leftover from their wedding day!

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