Thursday, March 27, 2014

DollarTree DIY Easter Centerpiece

DollarTree DIY Easter Centerpiece

So I pulled out my super pretty spring tablecloth that we received as a wedding gift last year from our wonderful friend Katherine, ironed it, and got it onto our dining room table.  The tablecloth looks great, but needs a great centerpiece to go with it.  After some Pinterest searching nothing was really jumping out at me, and I decided against any of the centerpieces using jelly beans, peeps, or any other kind of bug attracting edible.  I went to the DollarTree to see if I could find any inspiration.  I found three packs of these egg ornament type things left and snatched them up.

I also brought one of the matching napkins to the tablecloth so I could pick which items matched best.  I picked up so Easter grass while I was here too, they had the flat paper kind that looks so good so some pink grass went in the cart too.  For the glass cylinder, I picked a tall circle shape, it was the tallest and widest they had.

Before I started layering in the grass and eggs, I cut the foam insert that will be what the flowers go into so it would fit into my vase.  I also painted it white so it blended with the eggs better.

I also had to pull all the ribbons off the styrofoam eggs. If I pulled gently and slowly the ribbon would pop out and the whole wasn't too noticeable.  

Next, I had to clip all the flowers from the thick stems.  I used wire cutters we had in a tool set and they worked great.

Finally, I started layering the grass and eggs around the foam insert.  I used the end of a paintbrush to push the grass in the tight spots.  Once all of the grass and eggs were in, I arranged the flowers by sticking them into the insert.  I used the extra grass and eggs around the base and voila, it was finished.  In all, this project cost around $10 to make! So much cheaper than any of the centerpieces and decorations I looked at buying. Hope you enjoy! Happy Easter everyone!

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