Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick Cheap DIY Graduation Party Decorations

Quick Cheap DIY Graduation Party Decorations

 The graduate after it was finally over, way to go Dean!

I am proud to say my little brother Dean graduated from University of South Carolina last weekend.  We decided pretty last minute to throw a get together at his apartment.  I decided we should have at least a few of my usual DIY projects thrown in with the Dollar Tree and Party City decorations.  The first project was super quick and involved very few materials.  I made little tags on the computer then printed them out to glue on cardstock.  Tied a ribbon around three mason jars to hold the utensils, glued my tags on and voila, adorable USC themed utensil holders.  Total time for this project was about five minutes and total cost was free since I had the ribbon, computer paper, and mason jars already.

These looked super cute with utensils in them sitting next to the gamecock cookie cake. 

The second project took a bit more time, but not much still.  I wanted to make something cute to hang on the outside of the apartment so that guests knew which apartment it was.  I used a cereal box to cut the outline of grad cap out of.  Glued the two pieces together with tacky glue.  Painted the cap and wrote congrats in paint.  Added a cardboard tassel, a ribbon at the top for hanging, and some crinoline like ribbon for a bow and the tassel end.  Total time for this project was about an hour including letting the paint dry, I used acrylic so it dried quickly.  Total cost for this project was free because I had everything sitting around in my fabric and recycling bin.

The sign could be hung on a wreath hook or anything else you have around like this clip by Dean's door.
The third project was a "Congrats Grads" banner to hang on the stair railing.  I printed the triangles with a faint outline for cutting in Microsoft Word then glued them onto black construction paper.  Cut around the white triangles leaving a border then hole punched the corner of each.  I did have to buy a roll curling ribbon at the Dollar Tree to complete this project, but it still only came to $1 for total cost.  The curling ribbon I cut into little strips, tied each triangle to each other separately and curled the ends.  This project took about 45 minutes to complete due to the cutting and curling. 

You can see the sign behind them hanging on the stairs.

So there you now have three super quick ways to decorate for a grad party.  These were the perfect personalized touches that the gathering needed.  The grad loved them as did my family! Do you have any quick and easy grad party suggestions? I would love to hear about them!

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