Monday, September 22, 2014

Chi Omega Bid Day Decorations

Chi Omega Bid Day Decorations
This past weekend, I attended my 7th Chi Omega Recruitment and Bid Day Celebration! I worked this week on some decorations for them for Bid Day and finished some more this weekend with my Big Sister Tracy.  These would be fun for any occasion including Big/Little Reveal, Greek Week, Recruitment/Rush, or Homecoming.  Everything I made with simple materials that I got at the Dollar Tree or Walmart.  If you have any questions about the construction of anything, let me know!

This sign was a special request from the chapter and it includes their special events coming up and the number of days until those events.  This project used a dowel rod, cardboard, paint, a permanent marker, fake flowers, and hot glue.  I stuck the sign in a pretty mum I got from Walmart that actually had owls(our mascot) on it.  I think this would be super cute for an engagement party to have all the special dates coming up for the wedding party.

All of the flower posters were super simple to make.  We used red and yellow streamers that were .97 cents a pack at Walmart and school glue.  We started on the outside and pinched them as we glued them down to the poster board in layers.  I think these would be cute at a birthday party or wedding.

The Chi Omega Letters were a total Dollar Tree project.  The foam board, and fake flowers came from the there, and I already had hot glue and my hot glue gun at home.  I pulled all the flowers off their stems and went to town gluing them all over the letters until the white foam board was completely covered.  I used an exacto knife to cut out the letters before I started gluing.  These were super cute and light weight. I would have loved to have these at my wedding with our new initials to take pictures.  The girls had fun posing with them and they matched the flower headbands they ordered for everyone.

The cardboard crown was a bit tricky to cut out but it turned out cute too.  The theme of recruitment was "Only royals wear cardinal and straw" so the crown went along with it. 

I am so glad they enjoyed Bid Day and all the decorations! The girls did a fantastic job with recruitment and it paid off! They now have 31 owl babies in their new pledge class! So proud of all my Theta Lambda sisters!

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