Monday, September 1, 2014

Velvet Hanger Closet Revamp

Velvet Hanger Closet Revamp

So I realized I had a problem with where I hang my dresses when I couldn't fit anymore hangers on the rack.  My plastic hangers, were not working out, and breaking when I pulled too hard on a garment.  

This is what my closet looked like before, pretty scary!

I researched and read Amazon reviews on tons of different products to help in small closets and decided I needed some thin velvet hangers.  The 50 pack on Amazon was out of stock so I decided to look around in a few stores to see if I could find something similar without having to order online.  After reading the reviews, I came to the conclusion that most of the brands work the same whether its the cheap version or the expensive version some of the home stores sell.  I first checked Family Dollar and didn't think they had any until we checked their new arrivals section.  Sitting on the shelf were these colorful 10 packs of velvet hangers! The hangers even had the indent for hanging tank tops and strappy dresses.  

It took two trips to two separate Family Dollars to get enough, but I ended up with 150 hangers for around $60.  They ended up being roughly .42 cents a piece which was cheaper than Amazon's 50 cents a hanger price.  

Got them home and made sure to take a before pick of how crazy the dress section of my closet had gotten.  Next, I went through and separated out all the clothes into piles, work clothes, summer casual, winter casual, and fancy dresses.  I switched all the hangers, and was impressed that the velvet didn't rub off and the metal hook can swivel.  I hung them all back up and ended up with plenty of room.  

These are the lovely after pictures! It looks so much better and feels so much more organized!

This morning when I got up to pick out clothes for work, it was super easy to pull something out and put it back in.  I will update this once I have used them for a while.  I am also working on replacing my plastic shirt hangers with thin coated white wire hangers.  I will post on those later on.  Hopefully if you are having the same trouble as I am with small closets and too many clothes, this will help you out too! Happy shopping!


  1. I decided to look around in a few stores to see if I could find something similar without having to order online.

  2. That's what we decided to do and found it was a bit cheaper and more convenient, good luck with the hunt!


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