Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Baby Announcement

Christmas Baby Announcement

So on Christmas Eve, Ben and I announced that we will be having a baby due July 30th, 2015! I poured through posts on Pinterest showing different ways to announce your pregnancy and man, did I find some of everything! I saw posts ranging from super cute to downright wacky! After looking at them all I finally decided to take a picture of our mantel with our stockings and the new baby stocking.  Right before Christmas we had our first ultrasound and got pictures of our little peanut.  My Mom gave us a cute frame to put our ultrasound picture in so I decided to include that in the picture too above Baby Murphy's stocking.  The results turned out super cute, and I love the pic we took announcing our pregnancy to Facebook and Instagram! Here's the picture we ended up using, so excited!
Also, our stockings we got from Goodwill several years ago, with the tags still on, and they are so cute! The baby stocking we got at Target and the chalkboard tags we got at Michaels.  The candles are a diy from fall that I use all year for the different seasons.  Check out my blog post of how to make them if you're interested.  Get excited about lots of pregnancy and mom-to-be posts coming soon! Here's a pic of Ben and I with our mantel on my birthday.

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