Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridesmaid Dress Giraffe

Bridesmaid Dress Giraffe

My friend just had her first baby in December, its a boy! He is so precious and I love seeing pics of him each week! I knew I wanted to make something with her bridesmaid dress and it worked out that it was blue and she was having a boy.  The dress was a royal blue number from David's Bridal with the satin material.  It was right above the knee but still plenty of fabric to work with. 

I saw an example of some giraffes I really like on Pinterest but had a hard time finding a pattern so I had to wing it.  I took the dress with me to the fabric store to find a fabric that I thought would look good with it.  I found this awesome batiked fabric at Hancock fabric to use that looked very giraffe like. 

Her whole nursery is safari jungle themed so the giraffe fits in perfect.  I made my pattern by drawing it out on big pieces of newspaper and laying them out together.  I left a half inch seam allowance on all the pieces.  The blue would be the accent pieces and the colorful fabric would be the body and legs.

Once I made the pattern from the newspaper, I pinned it to the pieces I wanted in which colors. For the legs, I needed to do two tone, so I measured where I wanted the leg split and cut.  I cut out all the parts and laid them out with the sides I wanted showing facing each other.  I sewed all of the parts leaving a section open, like you would with a pillow.  After stitching each one, I turned it right side out.

At that point, I stuffed each piece with cotton stuffing. For the legs, I actually made little pouches with rice in them.  This was to make sure the legs stayed up and kept the giraffe from falling forward.  I stuffed the legs with the cotton then slid the rice pillows into the bottom.  After all the parts were stitched up, I sewed them together.  I used a thicker thread to keep the legs on.  When it was all finished, it has to be messed with a little bit to get it to stand up right, but it turned out super cute.  My friend loved it, and I think it made a fun addition to her nursery. The fact that it has her wedding dress in it just makes it that much more special. If I can find the pieces, I will try to post a stencil for you guys to use! My bridesmaid dresses were pink, if you have any ideas for what we can do for Lilly's nursery with the fabric, let me know!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pregnant at Disney World

Pregnant at Disney World
This week my husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary at Disney World.  We knew going into the trip it would be a bit different from past trips since we wouldn't be drinking at Epcot or riding any rides with the word "mountain" in the title.  We had a fabulous time, and I am here to tell you with some planning and a few easy tips, you can make the most of your pregnant Disney experience.

Before you go:
Before we left, I stocked up on quick and easy snacks that I could throw in a backpack and eat throughout the day when we were walking from place to place or waiting in lines.  For snacks, I tended to lean towards stuff that would actually temp me to eat it, so sweets and snacks that I don't typically buy like chocolate pop tarts and cosmic brownies.  I know they aren't the best for you, but when eating is still a chore and you don't feel up to, you have to really want it to eat it. 
We also bought water bottles with the twist off lid for drinking and the larger twist off part for dumping ice water in.  We used the free ice water and added the liquid drop lemonade throughout the day. Since skipping caffeine, lemonade has been my new go to.  Ben brought along one with caffeine in it, some type of energy drink since he wouldn't have his usual IV drip of coffee to lug around. 
We packed all the usual items we usually bring too, like ponchos, Band-Aids, gum, hair ties, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, etc.  If you are like me and need anti-nausea meds still and Tylenol on a regular basis, make sure to bring those.  I don't usually have an issue with any rides but the first monorail trip gave me some queasiness first thing in the morning, so be prepared!
We wanted something for the characters to sign that would be memorable and something we could give Lilly later on so I thought a picture book would work best.  I found these adorable board books with the characters in them at the Dollar Tree and packed them along with Sharpies for the characters to sign.  When I worked as a nanny, the books that friends and family had written notes in were cherished by their two year old and were her favorite part of those stories. 

I also picked up a white board and marker that could hang on a door handle or hook that we used as a countdown to Disney before we went. You could bring it along with you to use in the room to write notes to each other. I found this at the Dollar Tree hanging near the checkout.

Upon Arrival:
When we arrived in Orlando, we went to Downtown Disney to pick up our free "Happy Anniversary" buttons from guest relations and also a "First Visit" button to wear on my bump into the parks.  It is really fun walking around and having everyone congratulate you on your anniversary.  They have these for birthdays, engagements, weddings, family reunions, etc. We also picked up a set of mouse ears for Lilly in one of the shops there.  If you have a name picked out, you can take the hat to get it monogrammed in a little shop there for only an additional $3.  We took photos throughout our trip with the ears in different places and I think it will be cute for her to wear the first time we take her there.

We thought ahead of time that we would be doing two days at the parks but after a "morning" (really happened at night) sickness episode the night before we left, decided to do only one day of park time.  We decided Magic Kingdom would be best for taking pictures and bought our one day tickets.  Note, if you are feeling up to it, I think several days could be done, if you took it easy and knew your limits.  When we first arrived in Magic Kingdom we took the monorail in and I must say it gave me a bit of a funny feeling right away.  I took nausea meds upon getting off and then we proceeded to get in line to see Minnie right on Main Street.  While waiting in line though, I started to feel funny and had to get out of line and sit down for a moment. Note, if you don't usually take your nausea meds during the day, be advised there is a dizziness warning on the label.  This is a great time to point out how wonderful the cast members are.  They noticed me having trouble right away and asked if we needed anything.  They stayed with us until my vision returned to normal and offered medical help if we wanted it.  Once I felt better, they escorted us back into line and it was great to know if we needed help the rest of the day that the cast members would be super helpful.  They informed us if I needed to lie down at any point I could pop into the medical office and take a break. 

The rest of the day went much smoother.  I would highly advise to get most of the rides you want to do done in the morning when it's cooler, and the lines are short.  The one attraction we waited in line for a while was meeting Ariel.  The wait was hard on my back and feet.  You can do up to three Fast Passes at a time and edit them from the Disney App or at any of the kiosks.  We had a snack in the morning and coffee at Gaston's Tavern, the chocolate croissants were delicious.  We did lunch at Be Our Guest, which I will write a separate post on because it was just too much fabulousness to include in this post.  The rest of the afternoon we took it easy, did rides with shorter wait times, and watched the parade. I highly recommend scoping out a place to sit and watch any parades and fireworks so you can rest your feet for a while. If its hot, a place in the shade is even better.  That night, we didn't feel like sitting down for another meal so we grabbed corn dogs and Dole Whips while we wandered around.  The Dole Whips with pineapple and vanilla ice cream swirled were my favorite thing we ate all day.  So light and delicious, I could have eaten two more! 

During the parade at night, we sat up above the street at the train station, right on the railing looking down and it was great.  We did get up and move to watch the images light up the castle after the parade and the fireworks, but for the bulk of the parade we were able to stay seated.  We left as soon as the fireworks were over. 

We took the boat back and I must say, it was much smoother than the monorail so if you are having motion sickness, this might be the way to go.  I did not feel sick on any of the rides we went on.  The list of rides we went on that day included:
The Train
The People Mover
Pirates of the Caribbean
It's A Small World
The Little Mermaid
Winnie the Pooh
The Haunted Mansion
The Jungle River Cruise
These are all pregnancy friendly and didn't bother my stomach.  Be sure to check Disney's website for the full list of rides that you can do, you can set the preferences when searching for rides as Disability(Pregnancy).  Hope this helps reassure anyone that might be thinking of a Disney Pregnancy vacation that it can be done and it can be super fun! We had a magical day at Disney and hope you will too! Have you been to Disney pregnant? Comment with any additional suggestions or ideas!

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