Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridesmaid Dress Giraffe

Bridesmaid Dress Giraffe

My friend just had her first baby in December, its a boy! He is so precious and I love seeing pics of him each week! I knew I wanted to make something with her bridesmaid dress and it worked out that it was blue and she was having a boy.  The dress was a royal blue number from David's Bridal with the satin material.  It was right above the knee but still plenty of fabric to work with. 

I saw an example of some giraffes I really like on Pinterest but had a hard time finding a pattern so I had to wing it.  I took the dress with me to the fabric store to find a fabric that I thought would look good with it.  I found this awesome batiked fabric at Hancock fabric to use that looked very giraffe like. 

Her whole nursery is safari jungle themed so the giraffe fits in perfect.  I made my pattern by drawing it out on big pieces of newspaper and laying them out together.  I left a half inch seam allowance on all the pieces.  The blue would be the accent pieces and the colorful fabric would be the body and legs.

Once I made the pattern from the newspaper, I pinned it to the pieces I wanted in which colors. For the legs, I needed to do two tone, so I measured where I wanted the leg split and cut.  I cut out all the parts and laid them out with the sides I wanted showing facing each other.  I sewed all of the parts leaving a section open, like you would with a pillow.  After stitching each one, I turned it right side out.

At that point, I stuffed each piece with cotton stuffing. For the legs, I actually made little pouches with rice in them.  This was to make sure the legs stayed up and kept the giraffe from falling forward.  I stuffed the legs with the cotton then slid the rice pillows into the bottom.  After all the parts were stitched up, I sewed them together.  I used a thicker thread to keep the legs on.  When it was all finished, it has to be messed with a little bit to get it to stand up right, but it turned out super cute.  My friend loved it, and I think it made a fun addition to her nursery. The fact that it has her wedding dress in it just makes it that much more special. If I can find the pieces, I will try to post a stencil for you guys to use! My bridesmaid dresses were pink, if you have any ideas for what we can do for Lilly's nursery with the fabric, let me know!

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  1. The dress was a royal blue number from David's Bridal with the satin material. It was right above the knee but still plenty of fabric to work with. plus size cute clothes


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