Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Target Lilly Pulitzer Lamp Makeover

Target Lilly Pulitzer Lamp Makeover

This past week I completed several projects for Lilly's nursery.  Ben finished painting the room and put together the Ikea dresser so I decided to complete a few projects of my own.  For the dresser, I found this inexpensive white lamp at Target with the lamp shade (some of Target's lamps come separate).  From previous projects in the past, I know its best to use a lamp shade in white if you are recovering so it does not distort the color of the fabric you put on top in any way.  

Once I got it home, I cut a strip of fabric wider than the lamp shade so I had plenty of material to work with.  Using my trusty glue gun, I started on the top section and glued a bit down at a time as close to the edge inside as possible.  I would then go to the bottom and glue and bit, stretching it as I glued so it had a nice tight look.  As I wound around the lamp, I trimmed the excess fabric away as close as possible to the glue line.  Once I got to the end, I folded the fabric to create a hemmed seam on the edge where the two ends of fabric met.  I glued it down and finished trimming off the extra fabric.  

This project took maybe 20 minutes to finish at the most.  Making it a super quick and easy way to add the fabric I like into the nursery.  Similar lamps in Lilly Pulitzer fabrics are selling on Etsy for a crazy amount, so this is a major cost saving and simple project.  Here's how it looks set up in the nursery! More nursery pictures to come as we complete projects!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Vox Boxes

Bella and Carefree Vox Box

I recently got on the Influenster web site and decided to check it out. They also have an app that makes it pretty easy to use.  On the site, you fill in short surveys on yourself and your interests and they will in turn offer campaigns you can participate in.  They send you the box straight to your mailbox filled with all kinds of free goodies they think you would enjoy. You can then earn badges for blogging, tweeting, Instagramming, etc. about the box that comes.  This week I received a Bella Box Vox filled with all kinds of goodies.  The box has Rimmel London mascara by Kate Moss, Ecotools Mattifying Finish makeup brush, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs self tanner, Not Your Mother's Deja Vu'Do Hair product, Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick, and Dove Fruit Chocolate Covered Blueberries.  I have had a blast trying out all the products! 

I ate the bag of Dove Fruit in almost one sitting, its so good! I usually don't like chocolate covered fruit, but this was purely delicious.  They don't make you feel guilty about eating chocolate either since there's some fruit involved.

I have been super impressed with the length I get from the Rimmel London Mascara by Kate Moss.  The color is Eye Rock Jet Black and it looks great with my regular makeup routine.

The Rimmel Lipstick isn't a shade I would normally wear, but I do appreciate the long last and how it stayed put. 

The Ecotools Makeup Brush is so fantastic. I was really surprised by how soft the bristles were when I opened the package.  It has worked great with my loose mineral powder and my compressed bronzer and blush.

The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is going to be great for my upcoming trip to the beach! It goes on smooth and blends into my skin great for natural coverage.

I am always looking for new hair products and am loving the Deja Vu'Do style extender. I put it in my damp hair before styling and the Red Apples and Berries scent is great.

The Carefree Liners are great! Great for when you just need a small pad. They are easy to use and great for light days.

Tiered Plate Stand DIY

Tiered Plate Stand DIY

This is a project I have been working on for a week or two now and must say was much harder than it looks in the pictures on Pinterest.  I wouldn't classify it as a total pinfail, but it was for sure much trickier than I thought it would be.  I wanted to make tiered stands for the baby shower we are having in May for Lilly and I.  I want to set out all the notions to make the headbands at the DIY headband station on these so I did them in the colors of the shower and the nursery. 

I started out with four candlesticks and six plates that I got at the thrift store for $7.50 total.  The candlesticks were a bronze gold color but the sets weren't the same color.  The plates were off white with a gold rim and floral pattern in the middle.  The first step was to get the price tag and packing tape residue off the plates where it stuck after I pulled them off. To do this, I used nail polish remover. 
After, I got everything cleaned up, I set down brown paper we had from a package and laid all the plates and candlesticks on it.  The paint is Krylon Spray Paint I picked out at Michaels, I asked the employee at Michaels and she confirmed it would work on porcelain and bronze.  She also pointed out with their spray paint you did not need a primer of any kind.  

After they were all laid out, I sprayed the plates pink and the candlesticks gold.  It took letting it dry and coming back to do several coats before it was at the point I wanted it to be.  

After letting the spray paint dry, Ben helped me put the plates and candlesticks together.  I used E6000 glue to hold them together. I must say, the glue did not like the gold paint.  With this glue, as per the instructions, you are supposed to put it on then let each side you are gluing sit for a minute or two before putting them together.  We did this and waited for it to set.  Measuring the plates proved a little tricky. Apparently not all plates are made evenly, and after hearing another report of this from a friend is why I deemed this project harder than it looks.  The plates are not level on the bottom which makes the stands look crooked when you start to put them together.  Of course once you have a bunch of stuff stacked on them, it isn't as noticeable but it still stressed me out a bit.  We let the glued together stands dry for a day or two before trying to move them.  Even at this point we had one come apart and had to repair it.

Now that they are finished and filled with items for the headband station at the shower, I think they look really good.  I would caution anyone attempting this project to have patience and not get frustrated when its not working out, its not your fault!  Have you attempted to make any of these stands? I would love to hear about and see your results!

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