Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Target Lilly Pulitzer Lamp Makeover

Target Lilly Pulitzer Lamp Makeover

This past week I completed several projects for Lilly's nursery.  Ben finished painting the room and put together the Ikea dresser so I decided to complete a few projects of my own.  For the dresser, I found this inexpensive white lamp at Target with the lamp shade (some of Target's lamps come separate).  From previous projects in the past, I know its best to use a lamp shade in white if you are recovering so it does not distort the color of the fabric you put on top in any way.  

Once I got it home, I cut a strip of fabric wider than the lamp shade so I had plenty of material to work with.  Using my trusty glue gun, I started on the top section and glued a bit down at a time as close to the edge inside as possible.  I would then go to the bottom and glue and bit, stretching it as I glued so it had a nice tight look.  As I wound around the lamp, I trimmed the excess fabric away as close as possible to the glue line.  Once I got to the end, I folded the fabric to create a hemmed seam on the edge where the two ends of fabric met.  I glued it down and finished trimming off the extra fabric.  

This project took maybe 20 minutes to finish at the most.  Making it a super quick and easy way to add the fabric I like into the nursery.  Similar lamps in Lilly Pulitzer fabrics are selling on Etsy for a crazy amount, so this is a major cost saving and simple project.  Here's how it looks set up in the nursery! More nursery pictures to come as we complete projects!


  1. I was browsing pinterest for a Lily lamp for my office and came across yours, adorable! You did a great job on it!

  2. Thanks! It was super easy and very reasonably priced! Hope you find something or make something cute for your office!!


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