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Swim Meet Treats Round 2

Swim Meet Treats Round 2

It's State Meet time again! Well, technically it is supposed to be this weekend but due to flooding, it has been moved to next weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Columbia and throughout the state that were affected by this terrible flooding.  This year I tried to do some more noncandy items again mixed with a few candy treats! I'll also show you what I did for the first swim meet of the season for all 53 swimmers! Yes, 53, the most we have ever had! For State Meet, I made a total of 19 treats each day to include our seniors and everyone who had automatic and consideration times.  I'm pretty positive everything I used is peanut free if you need to worry about that as well. If you haven't checked out last years post with some more treat ideas, go check it out here!

First Meet Treats: "Good LUCK at your first meet!" Since I was making these for everyone and giving them to the swimmers right before a meet, I wanted to make as many in bulk while still being as healthy as possible. I decided to use Lucky Charms after seeing something similar on Pinterest.  I used snack size ziplock baggies from the Dollar Tree and bought big boxes of cereal on sale.  I printed out the tags and taped them onto the baggies. These were a huge hit and everyone loved eating them as a snack at the meet.

Here are each of the days treats:

Monday: "Blow away the competition at State Meet!" This day includes two pieces of bubble gum, a blow pop, and mini bubbles.  I picked up all the items at the Dollar Tree.  The bubbles came in 8 packs in the wedding section.  I also use pre curled ribbon that you can get on the gift wrap aisle marketed as bows, but they are held together with a single staple that comes out easily.  I use these for tying the bags.

Tuesday: "Pop, Lock & Drop...time at State Meet!" This day is popcorn day.  I used a graphic I found online, added the words in Photoshop, printed two to a page, and taped them on the bags.  Again, could be completed with all Dollar Tree products but I will be using Costco bags of popcorn to pop and put in them that I already have.  I use tape on the bags instead of glue so that none of the glue seeps into the inside of the bags.  I punched holes at the top and used curling ribbon to close them up.  I don't recommend putting the popcorn in super in advance because the popcorn grease tends to show on the bottom of the bag.

Wednesday: "Just keep swimming..." This day I used orange cups I found at the Dollar Tree and wrote on them.  I put little bags of Goldfish in each cup with some tissue paper.  The Goldfish I got on sale at Target for a better price per bag than at the Dollar Tree.

Thursday: "Shine bright like a diamond...at State Meet!" For this day, I used little bags from the Dollar Tree, Ring Pops from Target (they had the best price per ring), and spirit beads from Party City.  Some Dollar Trees have the necklaces in different colors, but mine didn't.  I would think they would be way cheaper than Party City on these if you can find them.

Friday: "Shave off lots of time at State Meet!" The last day I bought packs of razors from the Dollar Tree and shaving cream cans there too.  I used those handy precurled ribbons again and tied everything together.  Usually our team has a shaving party the night before State Meet at someone's house so they can use this stuff there.

So these are all the treats I made this season for my high school swimmers to enjoy.  What treats have you made for your children's sports teams? I would love to hear your ideas for future treats! If you liked these be sure to check out last years treats.  Some similar ideas and some different! Click this link to check them out: http://annaslifetravels.blogspot.com/2014/10/swim-team-pre-meet-treats.html

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