Monday, August 7, 2017

Construction Themed Sensory Sand Box

Construction Themed Sensory Sand Box

My daughter Lilly is obsessed with ROCKS! I mean it when I say obsessed, like take her to Disney World and she is more into the rocks in all the lines than the decorations and exciting details. She carries them around when she picks them up until her little hands can't hold anymore then insists we put them in our pockets so she can get more.  Lilly's fascination with rocks led us to make her a rock themed sensory bin with all types of rocks, construction vehicles, and some educational opportunities mixed in.

The materials:

Storage Bin-$7 at the Dollar General

Rocks-free to $1 a bag at the Dollar Tree

Construction Vehicles-$5 at Tuesday Morning

PVC tubes-$3 each at Lowes

Sand-$7 for 50lbs at Lowes

Sharpie and Modge Podge-Free, already in my art closet

Some people might already have a lot of this on hand or if you already have a sand pit or a sand box, you could add to what you have, we were starting from scratch though so we had to buy it all. Also, we live in a condo with a shared marsh area as our yard so we can't leave sand boxes out with the number of critters and the amount of flooding and rain we get.

I set the bin up while Lilly was napping and then led her outside to surprise her. I wrote the ABCs and the numbers on some of the rocks and used Modge Podge to seal them.  I poured the sand in the box, laid it all out arranged super Instagram worthy and took pictures before she did what she was going to do with it.  She was so excited when she saw it and immediately pulled the tunnels out and started pouring the rocks in and out.  We also brought it with us to my parents campsite and it was a HUGE hit! The little girls next to us claimed it was the coolest thing ever so I will for sure take that as a big win! All four girls including Lilly ranging in age from 1.5 to 8 were super into it! Here are some pictures of Lilly playing with it and the before pictures when it was arranged by Mom!

Hope you enjoyed this sensory bin and can have some fun making your own! There are so many ideas for them on Pinterest and Lilly comes up with new ways each week to use hers. I would love to see any bins you have made! Thanks for stopping in! 

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