Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse and Space Themed Sensory Bottle

Eclipse Sensory Bottle

     Today was the big event everyone has been waiting for! The total solar eclipse 2017! We live in Charleston, SC and were at the very end of the path of totality.  Lilly is a newly turned two year old and I'm not sure she really got the whole thing, but she does know what the moon and sun are, so we gave an eclipse sensory bottle a try.

Eclipse Sensory Bottle

Materials used:

-Voss water bottle
-baby oil
-star sequins
-black glitter
-purple, blue, silver thicker glitter
-sparkly white and yellow large pom pom
-blue gel food dye

I had the glitter, food dye and bottle on hand. I bought the sequins, chunky glitter and pom poms at Michael's with my coupons. I found super inexpensive baby oil at the Family Dollar.

We used the entire container of baby oil and I added that first. Next, I had her add the sequins and the big pom poms. We dumped all the glitter in and filled the rest of the water with water with blue dye in it.  Put the lid back on, seal if you need to, and give it a shake. Easy as can be! My husband and I might have enjoyed this just as much as she did! 

Lilly had fun trying to find the sun and the moon in the bottle. We talked about how the moon would cover the sun during the eclipse.  She could say moon cover sun by the time we were done so I feel like that's a successful eclipse lesson! 

This would be fun to do any time of year though to talk about the moon, sun and planets. I think it would be fun to add pom poms that looked like the Earth and the other planets as well when talking about space and the solar system. Hope you enjoyed our sensory bottle, check out some of our other fun eclipse activities!

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