Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dr. Seuss Week 2018

Dr. Seuss Week 2018

It's finally Dr. Seuss week again! We love everything Seuss themed and are going to be celebrating all week this year! I whipped up some printable sheets that can be used in a ton of different ways. I will be posting more Seuss themed activities as the week goes on but wanted to make sure to post these so you could use them all week. Feel free to share with any of your friends, other homeschool moms, and teachers! I'll post pictures as we use them this week and share some of our fun on Instagram and on the blog. Here's a list of ways we will be using the mats this week:

Laminated copy as a play doh mat
Laminated copy to finger paint
Laminated copy to dry erase color/trace
Laminated copy to use with colorful shaving cream
Printed copy as a coloring/tracing page
Printed copy to color

I'm sure there's more ways I haven't thought of yet, the possibilities are endless! Have fun and let me know what you think up!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Felt Band Aid Valentine's Day Treats

Felt Band-Aid Valentine's Day Treats

My daughter loves playing doctor and nurse with all her stuffed animals. She also enjoys giving Mommy and Daddy check ups. My husband is a nurse and she loves Doc McStuffins which is a big reason why she loves this kind of pretend play.  A few months ago I made her some felt band-aids to play with along with her doctor kit and a little pouch for them. They have been very well-loved the last few months and she uses them daily. They were super easy to make and have held up really well.  I tried putting velcro on them but the velcro didn't want to stay and was pulling at some of her animals and clothes so I just removed the velcro and they still work fine. For Valentine's Day I decided to make little sets for each of her friends to include in their treat bags for our preschool co-op party. My husband did a blood draw demonstration at our last party and gave the kids some real band-aids and supplies. This was a hit so I thought I would continue the theme at our next get together.

Supplies needed:

Assorted colors of felt
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Puff Paint in various colors

You can let your child pick the colors they want. I've found since making more as favors that doing two colors of felt to alternate per set works best.  I first cut out the shape of band-aids I want in several different sizes. Each set I've made has contained three different sizes. These are also good for ordering activities to practice arranging them from smallest to largest.  I then cut out squares to go on top in the opposite color. Last, I cut out hearts in the same color as the band-aid shape in the size I need. Once I have made one full set for each size, I use that set as a template for the others.  I use my hot glue gun to glue all the pieces together.  The last step is to pick a puff paint color that coordinates and do nine dots on each side of the square to complete the band-aid look.  For the little case, I fold a piece of felt over leaving about an inch and a half at the top. I hot glue the sides to make a pocket.  I add a bit of hot glue at the top of each side and pinch the flap over so it stays down better.  I also add an extra band-aid glued on for decoration on the flap.  For the favors for her friends I wrote their names on the little bags that hold the band-aids. The little bags hold the six band-aids really well and don't seem too stuffed.  I think her friends will love these favors. You could also include notes with Valentine's puns that say "Valentine I'm STUCK on you!". I hope you enjoy this idea for cute favors, they would be great for parties and Christmas too! What DIY Valentine's and favors have you made recently? 

Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours!

Anna, Ben, and Lilly

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse and Space Themed Sensory Bottle

Eclipse Sensory Bottle

     Today was the big event everyone has been waiting for! The total solar eclipse 2017! We live in Charleston, SC and were at the very end of the path of totality.  Lilly is a newly turned two year old and I'm not sure she really got the whole thing, but she does know what the moon and sun are, so we gave an eclipse sensory bottle a try.

Eclipse Sensory Bottle

Materials used:

-Voss water bottle
-baby oil
-star sequins
-black glitter
-purple, blue, silver thicker glitter
-sparkly white and yellow large pom pom
-blue gel food dye

I had the glitter, food dye and bottle on hand. I bought the sequins, chunky glitter and pom poms at Michael's with my coupons. I found super inexpensive baby oil at the Family Dollar.

We used the entire container of baby oil and I added that first. Next, I had her add the sequins and the big pom poms. We dumped all the glitter in and filled the rest of the water with water with blue dye in it.  Put the lid back on, seal if you need to, and give it a shake. Easy as can be! My husband and I might have enjoyed this just as much as she did! 

Lilly had fun trying to find the sun and the moon in the bottle. We talked about how the moon would cover the sun during the eclipse.  She could say moon cover sun by the time we were done so I feel like that's a successful eclipse lesson! 

This would be fun to do any time of year though to talk about the moon, sun and planets. I think it would be fun to add pom poms that looked like the Earth and the other planets as well when talking about space and the solar system. Hope you enjoyed our sensory bottle, check out some of our other fun eclipse activities!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Construction Themed Sensory Sand Box

Construction Themed Sensory Sand Box

My daughter Lilly is obsessed with ROCKS! I mean it when I say obsessed, like take her to Disney World and she is more into the rocks in all the lines than the decorations and exciting details. She carries them around when she picks them up until her little hands can't hold anymore then insists we put them in our pockets so she can get more.  Lilly's fascination with rocks led us to make her a rock themed sensory bin with all types of rocks, construction vehicles, and some educational opportunities mixed in.

The materials:

Storage Bin-$7 at the Dollar General

Rocks-free to $1 a bag at the Dollar Tree

Construction Vehicles-$5 at Tuesday Morning

PVC tubes-$3 each at Lowes

Sand-$7 for 50lbs at Lowes

Sharpie and Modge Podge-Free, already in my art closet

Some people might already have a lot of this on hand or if you already have a sand pit or a sand box, you could add to what you have, we were starting from scratch though so we had to buy it all. Also, we live in a condo with a shared marsh area as our yard so we can't leave sand boxes out with the number of critters and the amount of flooding and rain we get.

I set the bin up while Lilly was napping and then led her outside to surprise her. I wrote the ABCs and the numbers on some of the rocks and used Modge Podge to seal them.  I poured the sand in the box, laid it all out arranged super Instagram worthy and took pictures before she did what she was going to do with it.  She was so excited when she saw it and immediately pulled the tunnels out and started pouring the rocks in and out.  We also brought it with us to my parents campsite and it was a HUGE hit! The little girls next to us claimed it was the coolest thing ever so I will for sure take that as a big win! All four girls including Lilly ranging in age from 1.5 to 8 were super into it! Here are some pictures of Lilly playing with it and the before pictures when it was arranged by Mom!

Hope you enjoyed this sensory bin and can have some fun making your own! There are so many ideas for them on Pinterest and Lilly comes up with new ways each week to use hers. I would love to see any bins you have made! Thanks for stopping in! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Footprint and Handprint Art

Halloween Handprint and Footprint Craft
Lilly's first Halloween is coming up and we are so excited! She has lots of costumes and cute outfits to wear this month and I have lots of fun activities planned. Yesterday after a long day at the Pumpkin Patch, I decided to do a cute craft with her. I saw several cute handprint and footprint examples on Pinterest and decided to combine some of them. I bought the ribbon and the five pack of canvas at Michaels. The canvas pack was very reasonably priced and you can use a coupon on it. 

I painted the background of all the canvases before trying to do her handprints. To do the handprints and footprints it was a two person job. Ben held her arms and legs each time I painted her and then we positioned it over the canvas and pressed them down.  I touched them up a bit afterwards where some of the paint smeared. I also added eyes and mouths to the footprint and handprints. 

Once they were finished I sprayed them with Modge Podge sealer and let them dry. After they dried, I hot glued the ribbon pieces in between and made the bow for the top to hang. Don't forget to write their name and year on the back. 

We hung her canvases up and they look so cute in our kitchen! What Halloween crafts have you completed or have planned for this month?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Swim Meet Treats Round 2

Swim Meet Treats Round 2

It's State Meet time again! Well, technically it is supposed to be this weekend but due to flooding, it has been moved to next weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Columbia and throughout the state that were affected by this terrible flooding.  This year I tried to do some more noncandy items again mixed with a few candy treats! I'll also show you what I did for the first swim meet of the season for all 53 swimmers! Yes, 53, the most we have ever had! For State Meet, I made a total of 19 treats each day to include our seniors and everyone who had automatic and consideration times.  I'm pretty positive everything I used is peanut free if you need to worry about that as well. If you haven't checked out last years post with some more treat ideas, go check it out here!

First Meet Treats: "Good LUCK at your first meet!" Since I was making these for everyone and giving them to the swimmers right before a meet, I wanted to make as many in bulk while still being as healthy as possible. I decided to use Lucky Charms after seeing something similar on Pinterest.  I used snack size ziplock baggies from the Dollar Tree and bought big boxes of cereal on sale.  I printed out the tags and taped them onto the baggies. These were a huge hit and everyone loved eating them as a snack at the meet.

Here are each of the days treats:

Monday: "Blow away the competition at State Meet!" This day includes two pieces of bubble gum, a blow pop, and mini bubbles.  I picked up all the items at the Dollar Tree.  The bubbles came in 8 packs in the wedding section.  I also use pre curled ribbon that you can get on the gift wrap aisle marketed as bows, but they are held together with a single staple that comes out easily.  I use these for tying the bags.

Tuesday: "Pop, Lock & Drop...time at State Meet!" This day is popcorn day.  I used a graphic I found online, added the words in Photoshop, printed two to a page, and taped them on the bags.  Again, could be completed with all Dollar Tree products but I will be using Costco bags of popcorn to pop and put in them that I already have.  I use tape on the bags instead of glue so that none of the glue seeps into the inside of the bags.  I punched holes at the top and used curling ribbon to close them up.  I don't recommend putting the popcorn in super in advance because the popcorn grease tends to show on the bottom of the bag.

Wednesday: "Just keep swimming..." This day I used orange cups I found at the Dollar Tree and wrote on them.  I put little bags of Goldfish in each cup with some tissue paper.  The Goldfish I got on sale at Target for a better price per bag than at the Dollar Tree.

Thursday: "Shine bright like a diamond...at State Meet!" For this day, I used little bags from the Dollar Tree, Ring Pops from Target (they had the best price per ring), and spirit beads from Party City.  Some Dollar Trees have the necklaces in different colors, but mine didn't.  I would think they would be way cheaper than Party City on these if you can find them.

Friday: "Shave off lots of time at State Meet!" The last day I bought packs of razors from the Dollar Tree and shaving cream cans there too.  I used those handy precurled ribbons again and tied everything together.  Usually our team has a shaving party the night before State Meet at someone's house so they can use this stuff there.

So these are all the treats I made this season for my high school swimmers to enjoy.  What treats have you made for your children's sports teams? I would love to hear your ideas for future treats! If you liked these be sure to check out last years treats.  Some similar ideas and some different! Click this link to check them out: http://annaslifetravels.blogspot.com/2014/10/swim-team-pre-meet-treats.html

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hospital Labor and Delivery Nurse Treat Bags

Hospital Labor and Delivery Nurse Treat Bags

With our due date fast approaching, I have been trying to check off the last few items on our ever growing to do list.  Yesterday I was able to check off make thank you treat bags for the L and D nurses.  My husband is an RN and did his clinical rotation in L and D. He helped pick out the treats to go in the bags.  He said their hands get dry after using so much hand sanitizer and soap all day and that any food would also be appreciated.

The bags all include:

Bath and Body Works Hand Cotton Lemonade Lotion (purchased during the semi-annual sale!)
Two Kashi Granola Bars
Lifesaver Mints
Trident Gum

The note was super easy to make on Photoshop and I just tied it to the bags with curling ribbon.  I asked for the bags when I bought the lotion at Bath and Body Works because they are a great size for small gifts.  I made three bags, he said there will be only 2-3 primary nurses helping during that time.  I might make a basket of candy to stick out in our recovery room for those helping us the rest of the stay.  I'll post pics of any of those I make.  If you would like a PDF emailed to you with your names inserted in any color you would like, let me know, its super quick to do!

What are your plans or what did you do for your Labor and Delivery nurses to show your appreciation?

Dr. Seuss Week 2018

Dr. Seuss Week 2018 It's finally Dr. Seuss week again! We love everything Seuss themed and are going to be celebrating all w...